What's Next?

If the referendum is successful, the district would borrow the money in the spring of 2021, levy for it in the fall of 2021, develop the construction documents and bid out the work with Kraemer’s prior to beginning construction in May of 2022.

The Kickapoo Area School District is committed to being good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars. The District has worked hard to control costs, invest in infrastructure, and still provide high-quality programs and services for our students.

The District has experienced a decrease of students since the 2017-18 school year:

2017/18 =  540
2018/19 = 520
2019/20 = 505
2020/21= 496

Enrollment projections indicate this decline will continue, at a rate of 10-12 students every year.  School funding is tied to enrollment. Therefore, the District will continue to receive less money from the state in the coming years. To date, the District has been able to utilize the funds received through strong open enrollment participation to address a number of infrastructure issues and to buffer this enrollment decline.

The district has updated many infrastructure items over the last ten years without going to referendum: 

  • Two sections of roof have been replaced

  • The track has been updated and modernized

  • Water softening, water heating, and water lines replaced

  • Parking lot asphalting and gravel base completed

  • Main water line and sewer lines replaced

  • EIFS maintained

  • Tech Ed addition completed

  • Softball field addition in the upper playground

  • Main heating, cooling and controlling systems upgraded and replaced

  • LED lights throughout the building

  • Exterior repairs such as windows caulked, masonry tuckpointing, other building envelope issues for energy efficiency.

As part of a potential Capital referendum, taxpayers will probably want to know the status of the current facility. The outstanding capital improvement projects that remain include:

  • One section of roof estimated at $400,000, we are maintaining until necessary to replace

  • Gym floor replacement, we are monitoring and will utilize Griffin Funds for replacement when necessary.

  • Interior Aesthetics

Our current HVAC debt schedule extends until 2029, this is the only current debt the district has. Any new debt would need to be added to the existing debt but in a new bond offering or bank loan.

If you click on the Baird Detail tax link, you will see that the effective tax increase for a $2.0 million borrowing goes down after the first two years. Baird has scaffolded the debt to factor in state aid after the first year, and decreasing by .10-.20 cents over the first eight years until 2030 when our HVAC debt falls off.  The goal in scheduling this taxing impact was to keep it below the survey response which indicated a majority support at the .50 increase. The district will not seek an operating expense referendum for this pool, the anticipated maintenance costs of this pool design are estimated at $40,000 annually. The district will be utilizing Griffin Funds to run the pool. If the district is going to borrow, the timing is right as this is a historically low interest rate environment.

The total cost of these upgrades to our facility is estimated at $3.0 million, the district will be using $1.0 million of funds to bring down the cost of this debt schedule. This money will likely come from a capital improvement fund, stored Griffin funds from the ending of the Lee Griffin Maintenance Fund, as well as other Griffin resources. Those details can be found here: Griffin Summary