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Welcome to the Kickapoo Elementary Library!

We have had our first snowfall and that has gotten many students excited about winter and the impending holiday season.  Holiday books will be on display for checkout once we get back from Thanksgiving Vacation.  Mrs. Solverson's 3rd grade class will be participating in a Holiday Card Exchange and there will be a map up in the library showing where all of the cards have come from. Those 3rd graders will be creating their cards next week to send off to other school all around the United States.  

Many of the younger classes were read the story Toys Meet Snow this week and then created their own snowpeople online using the ABCYA.com website.  They really enjoyed doing that!

We have lots of fun Winter and holiday activities planned for the next couple weeks!  

Check Us Out!

To see what we are doing in the elementary library, please check out our slide show below.  In September, we celebrated International Dot Day with the book entitled The Dot which encourages children to be creative in making their mark on the world.  Our Kickapoo students were very creative in a variety of different ways as the pictures show.

Ryleigh making her name with dots for Dot Day

Cloey and Tianna with their creations made from Dot candies

Mara and Isabella working on their Dot candy creations

Kindergarten students with the dots they created which we made "come to life" with an app on Mrs. Malphy's iPad

2nd graders making creations using bottle cap dots

Nautica and Daija with their dots

Kerrin and Robbie working on their tie dye dots

5th grade tie dye dots which turned out great!

1st graders making dots on the playground

Tiernee with her creation made from dots

Sienna, Anika, and Martina with their Dot candy creations

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